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The goal is to one day travel the whole world

Not just visit every country, but to drive through every country. Yes, my wife thinks I am crazy and it took me a lot of negotiations just to convince her to agree to a family road trip from Toronto to PEI. So this will be one tiny step at a time, and probably a retirement plan. Who knows what the world looks like by then anyway. A few of my favourite places in the world so far are listed below.


We stumbled upon this piece of paradise almost by accident. It wasn’t on our itinerary but Zeena’s mom has cousins in Bolzano, north Italy, who insisted we needed to go to this place, and were we glad that we did. One of the oft-repeated descriptions of paradise in the Quran is “underneath which rivers flow” and this piece of paradise reminded me of that– picturesque houses between which a river flows, ending in a lake surrounded by the Alps.


After my first year of university, I decided to go to Pakistan on my own, and to do my own thing. This included traveling to the northern areas of Pakistan where we never got to go as kids. My cousins Mudassar, Mubashir and my uncle’s trusted driver started the journey from Wazirabad, Punjab and took in the beautiful sights of Kaghan, Naran, Siri, Pai and everything else that met us on the way. One memorable journey that I can’t wait to repeat with my kids.


Peyto Lake, Canada

I had heard of Banff and Lake Louise, but on a drive up to Jasper from Banff, I pulled into a roadside parking lot only because I saw a few other cars there. What came next was a 45 minute walk up the hill in knee-deep snow, wearing my running shoes (it was 20 degree celsius and end of May), often wondering whether I was crazy to be following random people. What awaited me at the other end was an absolute beauty in Peyto Lake, which far surpasses Lake Louise in its serenity.

2007 Chefchaoun_Morocco

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Zeena and I went to Morocco, among other places, for our honeymoon and Chefchaouen was on the list of cities to visit only because I had heard from a colleague about Casa Hasan, a Riad-type guesthouse in Chefchaouen that was the first of its kind in Morocco. We loved Casa Hasan, but it was the blue-washed city nestled in between the mountains that took our breath away and left us with some of our most cherished memories.