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Worked with the tax and the finance department to implement a middleware SQL database to automate management fee calculations, reducing a process that took over 700 hours to less than an hour.

Created a tax data hub to pull in global trial balance data, automatically segment the P&L and create journal entries for transfer pricing adjustments on a monthly basis, providing the company with near real-time visibility into its profitability by market and effective tax rate.

Facilitated the tax department’s participation in user requirements workshops to define data needs and business logic to automate tax and transfer pricing calculations within the new ERP system.

Part of the team exploring the use of big data to help our clients make better, more efficient and quicker decisions on their business and tax needs.

Created a tactical solution to automatically extract CbCR data from financial and HR systems, create reports for management and link data directly to tax return preparation software.

Assisted a number of Canadian multinationals assess their internationalization strategy, identify appropriate international head office jurisdictions, and centralize the development and management of key intangibles within the multinational enterprise to better meet business objectives.